“Advancing Health Through a Racial Lens” Talk Featured in “The Diamondback”

The panel which I was part of “Advancing Health Through a Racial Lens” with Drs. Dorothy Roberts, Mia A. Smith Bynum, and Gniesha Y. Dinwiddie was featured in the University of Maryland’s independent student newspaper, The Diamondback.

“Social justice advocate Dorothy Roberts, along with other researchers, attempted to explain surprising statistics like that yesterday at “Advancing Health Through a Racial Lens,” an event sponsored by the African American Studies Department aimed at exploring health disparities in a racial context.

“The panel members spoke in Stamp Student Union’s Banneker Room to about 50 faculty, staff and students. And although several of the researchers argued different racial genomes cause health disparities between white and black people, Roberts said differences exist because of social injustice.
“…Anthropology professor Thurka Sangaramoorthy discussed HIV and AIDS issues among racial groups, and family science professor Mia Smith Bynum spoke about her research on the relationships between African-American children and their mothers, explaining why and how mothers teach and react to their kids facing racial discrimination. Gneisha Dinwiddie, African American studies professor, focused on the prevalence of cardiovascular disease among black people and race as a social construct.”

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