Talk: Im/migrant Health during Anti-Immigrant Times–Using Ethnography to Document Experiences of Mobile Populations in the US Southeast

I gave a brown-bag talk on Monday, February 24, 2014 at Center for the History of the New America at the University of Maryland. This talk discussed using traditional and rapid ethnographic methods to document the complex relations between unauthorized migrant labor, mobility, and structural and social vulnerability, in particular, the experiences of im/migrant populations in HIV/AIDS public health prevention efforts. Using ethnographic research conducted with health and social service providers working with Latino migrant workers and sex workers in rural North Carolina and with Haitians and HIV/AIDS experts Miami, the talk will highlight the diversity of im/migrant experiences in HIV/AIDS prevention and document the health needs of mobile populations more broadly. Findings will be used to discuss practical implications for HIV/STD prevention, including calling on public health institutions and practitioners to incorporate the concept of mobility as an organizing principle for delivery of health services.

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